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9 Refreshing Iced Tea Cocktails Recipes to Beat The Heat

Enter iced tea cocktails – the perfect fusion of sweet, tangy, and boozy flavors that will take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or hosting a backyard barbecue, these delightful concoctions will impress guests and sip enthusiasts alike.

Iced tea has long been a refreshing and popular beverage, especially during the scorching summer months. But what if we told you that there’s a way to elevate your ordinary iced tea experience?

On a hot summer day, there’s nothing quite like a refreshing iced tea cocktail to give you that extra boost. Iced tea cocktails are a favorite way to cool down, with unique and creative recipes that are sure to impress. Whether you’re looking for something sweet, tart, or somewhere in between, these top nine iced tea cocktails will hit the spot.

Iced tea cocktails are a great way to quench your thirst without over-sugaring your body with a sweet drink. Mixing tea with fresh fruits and herbs allows you to create a balanced drink that tastes delicious and provides several health benefits. Tea is naturally packed with antioxidants and essential minerals, and pairing with fresh fruit can even add more vitamins and minerals into the mix.

These nine recipes are some of the most popular and delicious iced tea cocktails you can make at home. Each recipe has unique flavor combinations that will tantalize your taste buds. You can add some bubbly to the mix for some extra sparkle. We’ll also include variations to each recipe so that you can customize them to fit your taste.

So, whether you’re looking to beat the heat or try something new, these top nine iced tea cocktails will satisfy your craving. Let’s dive in and explore these fantastic recipes.

Refreshing Iced Tea Cocktails Recipes

What is Iced Tea Cocktails

From classic favorites with a twist to creative new recipes, this article dives into the world of iced tea cocktails, providing irresistible ideas to quench your thirst for something extraordinary.

Iced tea cocktails have become increasingly popular, offering a refreshing twist to the traditional summer drink. Blending the crispness of iced tea with the complexity of spirits and other flavorful ingredients, these concoctions provide a delightful fusion of flavors perfect for warm weather gatherings or simply enjoying a sunny day.

These innovative drinks add new excitement to your regular iced tea, making them perfect for parties or simply enjoying on a warm day. With endless possibilities in flavors and combinations, you can create your signature iced tea cocktails that suit your taste buds.

Refreshing Iced Tea Cocktails Recipes

Mango Mojito Iced Tea recipe

Mango Mojito Iced Tea

When the summer sun is out, there’s nothing quite as refreshing as a Mango Mojito Iced Tea. This delicious and easy-to-make cocktail is a favorite among iced tea lovers and will become your go-to drink when temperatures rise.

You’ll need mango puree, fresh lime juice, white rum, mint leaves, and iced tea to make this delicious concoction. Mix the mango puree and lime juice in a glass and muddle the mint leaves. Next, stir the ingredients together with the white rum and iced tea. Top off with a few more fresh mint leaves for garnish.

The combination of sweet mango puree, tart lime juice, and herbal mint make this drink a perfect blend of flavor and refreshment. The white rum adds a subtle hint of alcohol to the drink, making it perfect for a summer night, while the iced tea helps to cut through the sweetness of the mango and lime.

For a different take on the classic, you can substitute the white rum for vodka, dark rum, or tequila. Each alternative will give the drink a unique flavor that will surely be a hit with your friends.

You can also use a variety of fruits for this recipe. While mango is a classic choice, you can also try using peaches, strawberries, raspberries, or even blueberries. Substitute the mango puree for one of the other fruits and adjust the other ingredients accordingly.

Add a few drops of orange blossom or rose water to the mixture for a more exotic flavor. This will add a subtle floral flavor to the Mango Mojito Iced Tea, tantalizing your taste buds.

Finally, if you’re looking for an alcohol-free version of the Mango Mojito Iced Tea, omit the white rum and you’ll have a delicious mocktail that is sure to satisfy.

No matter how you make it, the Mango Mojito Iced Tea will surely be a hit. Its combination of sweet and tart flavor and refreshing, summery taste makes it the perfect companion to beat the heat.

Peach Mint Iced Tea

Peach Mint Iced Tea

Beat the heat this summer with a refreshing Peach Mint Iced Tea Cocktail! This delicious recipe is the perfect drink for a hot summer day. You can make this cocktail with just a few ingredients, and it is flavorful.

Ingredients Needed to Make This Cocktail:

• 2 peaches, diced
• 2 tablespoons of honey
• Juice from one lemon
• 2 mint leaves, chopped
• 2 quarts of iced tea
• Ice cubes
• For garnish, a few mint leaves


1. Start by adding the diced peaches to a large glass.
2. Pour the honey and lemon juice over the peaches.
3. Add the chopped mint leaves and stir it all together.
4. Fill the glass with iced tea and stir again.
5. Add ice cubes and garnish with a few mint leaves.
6. Serve and enjoy!

Variations of the Recipe:

If you want to try different variations of this recipe, here are some options:

• Add sparkling water or club soda for a light and bubbly cocktail.
• Add frozen fruit to the glass before adding the iced tea for extra flavor.
• Swap out the mint leaves for basil leaves for a different flavor.
• Add some cinnamon or nutmeg for a spicy twist.
• For a sweeter cocktail, add a tablespoon of sugar or simple syrup.

This Peach Mint Iced Tea Cocktail is a delicious and refreshing treat for the summer—the combination of peaches, mint, and lemon balances sweet and tart. Plus, with the addition of iced tea, this cocktail is sure to quench your thirst. This recipe is quick and easy to make, and the variations are endless. Enjoy this cocktail with friends and family and beat the heat this summer!

Strawberry Lemonade Iced Tea

Strawberry Lemonade Iced Tea

If you’re looking for a refreshing summer drink that packs a fruity punch, strawberry lemonade iced tea is the perfect choice. Not only is it easy to make, but it also contains the perfect balance of sweet and tart flavors. Filled with summery goodness, this cocktail will surely be a hit with your friends and family!

When making this recipe, using freshly squeezed lemon juice is important. The flavor will be better, and the drink will have a beautiful zesty aroma. It also pairs perfectly with fresh strawberries. You can always use frozen or canned strawberries if you don’t have fresh strawberries.

To make the cocktail, you’ll need the following ingredients:

• 2 cups of freshly brewed iced tea
• 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice
• 2 tablespoons of honey
• 2 tablespoons of finely diced strawberries
• Optional: 1 tablespoon of finely diced basil

To make the cocktail, start by brewing the iced tea. While the tea is steeping, mix the lemon juice and honey in a small bowl. Once the tea is finished steeping, add the lemon juice and honey mixture and stir until fully dissolved. Next, add the freshly diced strawberries and optional basil (if desired). Stir until combined.

Now your strawberry lemonade iced tea is ready to be served! If you’d like to add extra flavor, try adding a few drops of an essential oil such as vanilla, lavender, or lemon. Add a splash of vodka or sparkling wine for an alcoholic twist.

No matter how you serve it, this cocktail will be a hit! The sweet and tart flavors of the strawberry and lemon are a perfect combination. Plus, the added health benefits of the tea make it even more appealing. With this recipe, you’ll surely beat the heat in style!

Blueberry Basil Iced Tea

Blueberry Basil Iced Tea

If you’re looking for a unique iced tea cocktail recipe to impress your friends, this Blueberry Basil Iced Tea is the perfect choice. This delicious cocktail combines sweet-tart blueberries with the subtle flavor of basil for a truly refreshing beverage. The combination of flavors makes this an ideal drink for a hot summer day.

To make this delicious and unique Iced Tea cocktail, you’ll need the following ingredients:

• 2 cups blueberries
• 2 tablespoons sugar
• 4-5 freshly chopped basil leaves
• 2 tablespoons lemon juice
• 2 tablespoons honey
• 4 cups of your favorite cold-brewed tea
• Ice


Add the blueberries and sugar to a blender and blend until smooth. Strain the mixture through a sieve and set aside. Combine the blueberry puree, chopped basil leaves, lemon juice, honey, and cold-brewed tea in a pitcher. Stir to combine and refrigerate for at least one hour.

When you’re ready to serve, fill the glasses with ice, then pour the iced tea into the glasses. Garnish each glass with fresh blueberries and a basil leaf. Enjoy!

This Blueberry Basil Iced Tea is the perfect drink to beat the heat. It’s a unique and flavorful combination of sweet, tart, and herbal flavors to satisfy your taste buds. Adding honey helps balance the blueberries’ tartness and the basil’s subtle flavor.

This Blueberry Basil Iced Tea can also be easily adapted to fit your tastes. If you prefer a sweeter tea, add more honey or a tablespoon of agave nectar. If you want more tart flavor, you can increase the lemon juice. And if you want to add a bit of spice, you can add a pinch of black pepper or a dash of cayenne.

You can also change the flavors by substituting other fruits for the blueberries. Try adding pineapple for a tropical twist or raspberries for a subtly sweet flavor. You can even add a splash of vodka for a boozy twist.

No matter how you decide to make it, this Blueberry Basil Iced Tea will surely be a crowd-pleaser. Enjoy it as an afternoon refreshment, or serve it at your next summer gathering for a unique and delicious twist on traditional iced tea.

Cucumber Ginger Iced Tea

Cucumber Ginger Iced Tea

As summer heat blurs, a refreshing and creative iced tea cocktail is the perfect way to beat the heat. Cucumber and ginger perfectly combine for a light and aromatic iced tea cocktail. Adding lime juice to the mix brings a zesty flavor that will cool you down on even the hottest days.


To make a Cucumber Ginger Iced Tea cocktail, you’ll need:

• 2 cucumbers, peeled and sliced
• 2 tablespoons grated ginger
• 1/2 cup sugar
• 2 limes, juiced
• 6 cups of water
• 2 green tea bags


Begin by combining the cucumbers, ginger, sugar, and lime juice in a medium-sized pot on the stove. Bring the mixture to a boil, stirring occasionally, for about 10 minutes. Next, pour the mixture into a pitcher and add the water.

Allow the mixture to cool for about 20 minutes before adding the tea bags. Let the tea bags steep for 10 minutes before removing them and allowing the mixture to cool completely. Serve the iced tea cocktail over ice, garnish with cucumber or lime slices, and enjoy!


Add mint leaves to the mixture while boiling for a more flavorful drink. This will add a refreshing hint of mint to the iced tea cocktail. Or, add some honey to the mixture to add a bit of sweetness. You can also experiment with different types of tea, such as chamomile or white tea, for different flavors.

Add a vodka or rum to the iced tea for a kick. This will give the drink a bit of a buzz and a unique flavor. Add simple syrup to the mixture if you want a sweeter iced tea. You can also add a splash of fruit juice, such as cranberry or orange, for an extra fruity flavor.

Finally, you can mix up the flavors by adding different fruits to the mix. Berries, melon, or even mango all work well with the cucumber and ginger flavor. You can also add a pinch of spices, such as cardamom or cinnamon, for a unique twist on the recipe.

No matter how you mix it up, this Cucumber Ginger Iced Tea cocktail will surely be a hit. It’s light, refreshing, and incredibly flavorful. So beat the heat and give this recipe a try!

Orange Honey Iced Tea

Orange Honey Iced Tea

Summer is here, and that means one thing: iced tea cocktails. Whether you’re looking to cool off in the afternoon heat or entertain some guests, iced tea cocktails are a great way to beat the summer heat. One of our favorite recipes is the Orange Honey Iced Tea.

This recipe is a unique twist on traditional iced tea. The sweet combination of orange and honey creates a refreshing drink that will tantalize your taste buds. It’s simple to make, and all ingredients can be found at your local grocery store.

When making iced tea cocktails, the key is getting the tea and flavor balance right. To make the Orange Honey Iced Tea, you’ll need to make some tea concentrate first. For this recipe, we suggest using black tea as it will add an excellent depth of flavor. Steep the tea in hot water for about five minutes, then strain and let cool. Once it’s cooled, mix in some freshly squeezed orange juice and honey.

Once you have your tea concentrate, the rest of the recipe is easy. To make the cocktail, fill a glass with ice and add one concentrate to two parts of cold water. Then, top it off with a splash of club soda. Garnish with a few orange slices and a sprig of mint for a refreshing twist.

The beauty of this recipe is you can make it as strong or as light as you like, depending on how much tea concentrate you use. Add a bit more honey if you’re looking for a sweeter drink. You can add more orange juice or replace it with another citrus juice for a more tart flavor.

The Orange Honey Iced Tea is perfect for a hot summer day. It’s refreshing, flavorful, and easy to make. Give it a try the next time you’re looking for something cool and tasty to enjoy.

Raspberry Mint Iced Tea

Raspberry Mint Iced Tea

As summer temperatures rise, refreshing iced tea is a meaningful way to beat the heat. But why settle for plain iced tea when you can make a delicious and creative cocktail? This Raspberry Mint Iced Tea recipe is just what you need for a sweet and flavorful drink that keeps you cool all summer!

This fruity and flavorful iced tea cocktail will surely be a hit with your friends and family. Start by making a simple syrup with sugar and water. Bring the mixture to a boil and let it simmer until the sugar dissolves. Once cooled, combine the simple syrup with raspberry juice and a handful of fresh mint leaves. Use herbal or green tea for a light and refreshing flavor for the tea base.

Add a few scoops of raspberry sorbet once your tea and simple syrup mixture has cooled. This will give the iced tea a pleasant raspberry flavor and a creamy texture. Finally, pour the mixture over a glass of ice and garnish with a few fresh mint leaves for an extra flavor.

This Raspberry Mint Iced Tea cocktail is easy to make and looks beautiful. The mint and raspberry flavors pair perfectly with the herbal tea, and the sorbet adds a rich creaminess. Not only is this drink delicious, but it also offers some health benefits. Herbal teas are known for their antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, while mint contains vitamins and minerals.

This Raspberry Mint Iced Tea is perfect for summer entertaining. Serve it in a pitcher with a few of your favorite fruits, or garnish with a sprig of mint for an extra special touch. Add a splash of vodka or your favorite liqueur for an adult version. You can also experiment with different variations of this recipe by using different types of tea, mint, and fruits.

No matter how you make it, this Raspberry Mint Iced Tea will surely be a crowd-pleaser! You can make a flavorful iced tea cocktail perfect for summertime sipping with simple ingredients. So next time you feel hot, try this delicious, refreshing cocktail and cool off in style.

Vanilla Lavender Iced Tea

Vanilla Lavender Iced Tea

The eighth recipe in our delicious iced tea cocktails list is a Vanilla Lavender Iced Tea. This tasty concoction combines the flavors of sweet vanilla and fragrant lavender flavors for a truly unique beverage that will tantalize the taste buds. The recipe is easy to make and requires just a few ingredients.

To make a Vanilla Lavender Iced Tea, you will need:

• 2 tablespoons of dried lavender
• 2 tablespoons of honey
• 4 tablespoons of vanilla extract
• 4 cups of boiling water

Start by adding the lavender to a heat-resistant bowl or measuring cup. Pour the boiling water over the lavender and let steep for 10-15 minutes. Strain the lavender tea into a large pitcher and discard the lavender.

Now, add the honey and vanilla extract to the lavender tea. Stir until the honey and vanilla are fully dissolved. Taste and adjust sweetness to your preference.

Once you are satisfied with the flavor, refrigerate the iced tea for at least 2 hours. Serve over ice, and enjoy!

Add a splash of citrus juice or a teaspoon of vodka for an extra kick. You can also get creative with the recipe and add flavors like cardamom or ginger. This recipe also works great with green or black tea, so feel free to experiment and find your favorite.

This Vanilla Lavender Iced Tea is a refreshing and flavorful beverage for hot summer days. Its unique flavor makes it a great addition to any party or gathering. Plus, the recipe is straightforward to make, making it ideal for those who don’t have much time or energy to spare. So be sure to try this recipe and enjoy the deliciousness of a refreshing iced tea cocktail.

Coconut Lime Iced Tea

Coconut Lime Iced Tea

If you’re in the mood for a unique and refreshing iced tea cocktail, look no further than this Coconut Lime Iced Tea. A tropical twist on the classic beverage, this recipe is bursting with flavor and sure to be a hit with your friends. You only need a few simple ingredients and a little time to make this delicious drink.

To make this Coconut Lime Iced Tea cocktail, you’ll need the following ingredients:

• 2 cups brewed black tea
• 1/4 cup lime juice
• 1/4 cup coconut milk
• 2 tablespoons honey
• 2 tablespoons shredded coconut
• 6-8 ice cubes

Step-by-step instructions:

Brew two cups of black tea to make this Coconut Lime Iced Tea. Once it’s cooled, add the lime juice, coconut milk, honey, and shredded coconut to the tea. Pour the mixture into a pitcher and add the ice cubes. Give the mixture a gentle stir to combine all of the ingredients.

Once everything is combined, pour the iced tea into glasses and enjoy! If desired, you can garnish the glasses with a wedge of lime or a few pieces of shredded coconut.

Variations of the recipe:

If you’re looking to switch up the flavor of this Coconut Lime Iced Tea, you can make a few easy variations. Add more honey, or use a sweeter black tea like Earl Grey for a sweeter drink. You can also add different flavors, such as ginger or mint, to give the tea a unique twist.

If you’d like to make a non-alcoholic version of this iced tea cocktail, leave out the alcohol. Add a splash of pineapple or cranberry juice for a flavorful and festive twist.

No matter how you make it, this Coconut Lime Iced Tea will surely be a hit. Its unique yet delicious flavor is the perfect way to beat the heat and enjoy a refreshing drink with friends. So go ahead and give this recipe a try—you won’t be disappointed!


Beat the heat with these 9 creative, refreshing iced tea cocktails. Each recipe is unique in flavor and ingredients and the perfect way to cool down on a hot summer day. Enjoy the benefits of iced tea cocktails with the bonus of taste and creativity. Whether you’re looking for something fruity, minty, herbal, or citrusy, you’ll find something to satisfy your craving. Mix up one of these recipes and explore the wonderful world of iced tea cocktails!

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